Biography Timeline

You have read about some famous people in history such as: Babe Didrikson, Bill Melendez, and Bessie Coleman. Your job is to read a biography of a person of your choosing and make a timeline of his or her life. You have already completed a large biography project in second grade so we are now concentrating on timelines, and how to pick out some of the major events in your person's life.

Use the biography template (choose biography template when you create a new page) and list 10 major events in your person's life. DO NOT cheat and use the timeline included in some biography books! Make sure YOU are choosing the major events, and make sure they are in your OWN words!
Please create a new page and link your pages here!

Walt Disney M.A.
Laura Ingalls Wilder L.W
Michael Jordan - LK
Magic Johnson D.J.
Ruby Bridges K.F
Mia Hamm L.M
Mia Hamm A.F
Jeff Kinneyc.b
Rosa Parks B.D.01
Michael Jordan Z.S.
Techumseh G.D
Helen Keller L.A.
Michael Jordan's page B.D
M.S mark messiea
mario lemieux m.k
Kurt Gibson N.F
Thomas Alva Edison C.R
Diana princess of wales s.c
Mark Fidrych c.e
Elizabeth Blackwell. F.D
Jacob Lawrencej.c
Abraham Lincoln B
shaquille o Neal